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Birthdate:Jan 30
I'm Anne. :D My handle is pronounced "Ann-kuh". My name, and then add a "kuh". Anneka. Kay, that's out of the way. :D

I adore slash, in many fandoms that I'll probably be too lazy to update in my interests, but which will probably be well-represented in my journal and tags (especially the "fandom: __________" series). Hmmm, what else? I'm an American. I'm kind of ashamed of some of the dumbasses who've come out of my country over the years, and some of the things we've done, but overall? I'm proud that this is my country. Again, I'm not necessarily proud of the people and things that we get noted for, but most of us are pretty awesome people if you get to know us. Similar story on the fact that I'm a Southerner, but I'm from a respectably-sized city with significantly more diversity than many places in the South, so small-town accents and the like still tend to drive me insane.

I'm a very straight woman in a relationship with a wonderful, silly, ridiculous man. I was raised an Episcopalian (American Anglican, sort of), but I recently realized that I better identify as a more-or-less agnostic secular humanist. I'm a socially liberal, financially ignorant-but-leaning-towards-liberal independent. However, even if I agree with you on an issue, I'm that annoying "hey, the other side is made up of real people and calling names won't help" person who's no fun at all.

I also love boner jokes far too much.

Uh. I have a black cat named Binx whom I love so so much, but he came pre-named and you should be prepared to be sadfaced when I fail to get your Hocus Pocus reference, because I've never seen it.

Some of my fic can be found here. I thiiiink that, between there and the "fanfic" tag on my journal, that should be everything. I hope so. One day I'll finally make a master fic list, but I haven't yet, because reasons. Actually because ffnet changed their rules on what characters are allowed, so the division between my fics and notes is mostly gone (I apologize for that if you go poking, by the way), which would need fixing first before I felt comfortable rounding it all up, because reasons involving putting forth my best work etc. Also, I use very long sentences.

I believe that's everything!
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